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Have you made a will?
Is it up to date, or does it need changing?
If you haven't made a will, who do you think will get your worldly goods? - It may not be who you think..
Who will look after your children after your death?
Will you be able to keep the tax man at bay?
Have you remarried since your last will? - did you realise that this makes your previous will invalid?

No one likes to think about death. Most people do not have a will, and only make one when a loved one dies or they face a life crisis. A lot of people assume that their loved ones will automatically inherit their money and property, without realising that other "less loved" ones may also inherit, and without being able to tailor the proposed inheritance to their loved one's needs. Often people do not realise that if they have not married their partner, their partner will get nothing, or that step children will not benefit from their estate.

If you make a Will, then you decide what will happen to your money and property. You can decide:

  • Whether you will be buried or cremated
  • Whether your organs are to be donated and for what
  • Who will administer your estate and carry out your wishes
  • Who will look after moneys to be invested for children until they are old enough to manage their affairs
  • Who will give your children a home and make their life decisions for them
  • Who will look after your pets
  • Who gets what and when
  • How your business will be run after your death
  • How to avoid unnecessarily leaving your estate to the Taxman

MarstonHarbottle can help you make your Will.  We charge £175.00 plus VAT for a straightforward single Will and £275.00 plus VAT for straightforward Wills for Husband and Wife.  This is a low price to pay for peace of mind.

If you want to avoid your worldly goods being reduced by having to pay inheritance tax to the Chancellor, you may wish to set up a discretionary trust. Ruth Harbottle has considerable experience in this area of work and will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the likely costs of drawing up such a trust.

For advice on all Will and Probate matters, please Contact Ruth Harbottle:
Telephone - 01434 602486
Fax - 01434 600229
E-mail - rlharbottle@marstonharbottle.com

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