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Losing your marbles?
If you become mentally incapable:

  • Who pays your bills?
  • Who manages your other affairs?
  • Who sells your home if you need the money for residential care?

If you are abroad, who sells your property?
If you are injured and unable to sign legal forms, who can do this for you?

You never know what is going to happen...As the ageing process continues, will you still be able to manage your own affairs? If you have to go abroad, or are simply not able to sign legal forms because of a physical disability, who will sign for you?

You can appoint someone to deal with your property and financial affairs by making a Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney. You can also appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf about medical treatment and your general welfare, e.g. where you live and who you see by making a Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney. You can also make Advance Decisions about what medical treatment you would like in future.

Please note that if you have already made an Enduring Power of Attorney to deal with your financial affairs, that will continue to be valid despite the recent changes in law introduced by the Mental Capacity Act

For more information about Powers of Attorney, please contact Ruth Harbottle:
Telephone - 01434 602486
Fax - 01434 600229
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