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Buying and selling your house can be extremely stressful. We hope to take the trauma out of house moving for you.

You need to know what it will cost you to buy or sell your property. Please contact our conveyancing department who will provide you with a bespoke quote.

Our fees generally assume that it is a standard transaction and no unforeseen matters arise. These could include for example a defect in the Legal Title, a need for an Indemnity Insurance Policy, for a Statutory Declaration or other documents ancillary to the main transaction, or the matter becoming prolonged or more complicated than originally anticipated. If additional work should become necessary, we will discuss this with you and advise you and agree any required increase in our fees.

You should be aware that in addition to our charges, certain costs are often payable to third parties as follows:
On a purchase:

   Search Fees  -  average cost £300.00 (specific searches can be discussed with you to clarify if they are required for you).

   Land Registry Registration Fees - determined by the value of the property. You can calculate the amount you will have to pay by using the Land Registry website or contact us and we will provide you with the relevant information.

   Stamp Duty Land Tax - determined by the value of the property. You can calculate the   amount you will have to pay by using HMRC website or contact us and we will provide you with the relevant information.

   Bank Transfer Fee - £24.00 per transfer.

   Lessor's Registration Fee - if a leasehold property and determined by the Lessor.
On a sale:

    Land Registry Office Copy Entries - £3.00 per document.
    Bank Transfer Fee - £24.00 per transfer (if required).
    Estate Agents Fee - determined by the Estate Agent.

The conveyancing work will be carried out by Ruth Harbottle the Principal of the Firm who has over 39 years experience of conveyancing or by Claire Winter who is a Licensed Conveyancer, with over 19 years of experience of residential conveyancing.

The timescale for completion of your sale or purchase will depend on a number of factors. On average a conveyancing transaction takes 6-12 weeks. However it can be quicker or slower depending on the wishes of the parties in the chain as well as the number of people in the chain.

The precise process of a sale or purchase varies according to the circumstances.  However the key stages of an average transaction are as set out below to assist you in understanding the process.

Generally, when a price has been agreed between the Buyer and Seller, the Estate Agents issue their Sale Particulars to both parties and their legal representatives. We will then contact you to confirm our terms for the sale or purchase and the information needed from you, including for example your ID. In addition for a sale, we ask you to complete various Property Information Forms, and for a purchase we discuss searches required and ask you to pay the search fees.

The Sellers Solicitor issues the draft Contract to the Buyers Solicitor together with details of the Legal Title. The Buyers Solicitor will carry out searches, investigate the Title and raise enquiries of the Sellers Solicitor.

The Solicitors on both sides will report to their Clients. We will generally meet with you to discuss documentation and arrange for the Contract and other documents to be signed.

When all searches and surveys have been carried out and all enquiries dealt with satisfactorily, and both parties are satisfied and ready to proceed, a date will be agreed for completion and contracts exchanged. A deposit is usually payable at that stage by the Buyer to the Seller and the matter is then legally binding.

On the agreed completion date the balance of the purchase price is paid by the Buyer and keys are handed over. On a sale we account to the Seller for the balance of the purchase monies due after paying all expenses. On a purchase we deal with all post-completion matters, including registering the Title at the Land Registry and submitting the Land Tax return to HMRC and attending to the payment of any Stamp Duty Land Tax.

If you require a more specific estimate of the costs of your transaction, or if you require any further information in relation to a proposed conveyancing transaction, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate and to assist you.


Contact Ruth Harbottle or Claire Winter:
Telephone - 01434 602486
Ruth Harbottle: rlharbottle@marstonharbottle.com
Claire Winter: cwinter@marstonharbottle.com

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