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Who sorts out Aunt Flo's estate?
Will the solicitor read the will to the family?
What happens when there is no will?
We don't agree with how everything was left to us and the taxman?
Can we change things so that we get it all and the taxman gets nothing?

We have answered all of the above questions at some time. When a loved one dies, sorting out their affairs is generally complicated, even when they have planned their affairs by making a will. Sometimes the bank will offer to help out, but their fees are considerable compared with those charged by solicitors.

We can provide a personal service to executors and administrators to sort out estates and distribute the proceeds as the deceased would have wanted.

Ruth Harbottle has considerable experience of dealing with probate, estates and trusts.

For more information, please contact:
Telephone -
01434 602486
Fax - 01434 600229
E-mail - rlharbottle@marstonharbottle.com

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